CaddyCap: The Cool Golf Gift for Dad

Are you tired of getting the same old gift for your dad for Father’s day? A gift card tends to be too impersonal. And you’re too old to present your father with another addition to his popsicle stick art collection. So what do you get him?

CaddyCap is the unique golf gift for dads. It’s affordable and no longer will your dad be fumbling around the large pockets of his golf bag to find a tee, even though that would probably make a great YouTube video. He will simply clip it onto his bag and is ready to go. It’s a golf tee holder that holds the tees in place when he doesn’t need them and makes them exceptionally easy to get to when he does. It’s something any golf dad would use and not think to buy himself. While he’s thinking about getting himself a new golf club or new gloves to add to his collection, pick up a CaddyCap for him and he’s sure to love it.

Father’s day isn’t just about the dad in your life but grandpa as well. CaddyCap carries a range of personalize products that reflect the individual that you’re gifting to. Do you have an “Above Par Grandpa?” Pick up the CaddyCap that tells him so. This golf accessory will make sure he spends more time golfing and less time searching around for tees. And that time he’s not searching for tees, he can brag about his wonderful grandchild to his golf buddies on the course.