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Welcome CaddyCap’s blog, where you’ll find news, facts, trivia, gift ideas, and other articles related to the sport of golf and our unique golf bag accessories. Here at our online golf accessories store, you’ll find a wide variety of design options for our popular and patented CaddyCap® golf tee holder. Browse our collection of unique and fun designs to find the perfect CaddyCap tee holder for your golf bag, or find the best fun, cause-based, or age-appropriate golf tee holder for your friend, relative, or child. We have a design for every golfer whether you’re shopping for yourself, your grandfather, or your friend.

The CaddyCap golf tee holder conveniently attaches to your golf bag, and the simple design makes it easy to use for even the youngest of golfers. Simply fill the tee holder with tees and snap it onto your golf bag in whatever spot works best for you. When you need a new tee, you can simply slide the cap upward, remove a fresh tee from the holder, and slide the cap back down. After experiencing 18 holes of the convenient tee access a CaddyCap golf tee holder can give you, you’ll never go back to digging through your pockets again.

Bring convenience and fun to your golf game with a CaddyCap golf tee holder. The Born to Golf tee holder is perfect for the goofy golfer in your life, and your grandmother will love our Above Par Grandma design. Look through all of our other designs, and please contact us online with any questions or comments you may have concerning our product.