6 Essential Golf Bag Accessories for the Recreational Golfer

You’re thinking about taking up golfing for some recreational fun? Of course you’re going to need a basic set of clubs, spiked golf shoes, and your handy golf bag. But what other essential items should you add to your shopping list. Here are the six golf bag accessories that no golfer should go without.

  1. Titleist PRO V1 Balls

For over a decade Titleist PRO V1 balls have been ranked at the top for performance and comfort of use. These balls have a soft feel but don’t lose the hard, penetrating trajectory that increases the distance on your drive. Assuming you don’t lose these balls to a water hazard, they will remain durable and reliable.

  1. Champ FLY Tees

Not every golfer is a fan of plastic tees. In fact, many prefer to use wooden tees. But consider Champ FLY Tees in for your golf bag arsenal. They’re affordable, biodegradable, long-lasting, and easy to place the ball on. You won’t find many plastic tees that can tote their effectiveness.

  1. CaddyCap

You’ve found a golf bag you love but when you’re standing at the first tee off, you can’t find a tee. You can’t remember which pocket they’re in and if you do, can’t grab just one floundering in the large pockets. CaddyCap snaps onto your bad and makes it super easy to grab a tee and tee off quickly. No more searching for tees or dropping a handful on the ground when you want just one. Any avid golfer will tell you this is one of the best golf accessories any golfer should own.

  1. Microfiber Golf Towel

When first entering into the sport of golf, you might be surprised how many uses there are for your microfiber golf towel. On a hot summer day, you may need it to wipe sweat from your forehead. If you golf early morning and are on the green, you will want to wipe your ball to remove any debris or moisture that will change its trajectory. Pick one you love because you really will use it all the time.

  1. Golf Gloves

Our suggestion is find a glove you love and that fits you spot on and buy several. Golf gloves prevent calluses and help to maintain a firm grip on your golf club during your swing. Sometimes moisture can build up from sweat, drizzle, or rain making the glove uncomfortable and lower your performance. Keep some extras in a plastic bag so you can switch out on course and not cause an inconvenience during your golf game.

  1. Unique Ball Markers

Now that you’ve made it down to the green you need to place a ball marker to mark the specific spot of your ball while your friends take their shots. You need something flat and small so as not to interfere with anyone else’s shot but something unique to signify your spot. Pick up some markers with your favorite college logo or a cause you donate to in order to show your support.

Bonus: Business Cards

Lastly, throw a couple of business cards in your bag. You never know when an opportunity to network will present itself to you!

Happy golfing!