Bringing Your Kids To The Golf Course

We know that your small children want to do everything that Mom and Dad can do, but bringing them to the golf course with you shouldn’t be an impulse decision. Preparing your kids for their first trip to the course starts with their first trip to the driving range. Before considering bringing your son or daughter along to the course, let them get used to the driving range and accustomed to the basics of driving and putting. This will also give you a chance to evaluate your child’s skill level and patience for the game, so you can plan your course trip accordingly.

Once your children are comfortable at the driving range and you’re confident enough in their skills, you can consider bringing them to the course. Before leaving for the golf course, make sure that your child is well-rested and well-fed. Plan on playing nine holes the first time you go to give your children a feel for the game without having to keep them entertained for an entire 18 holes. If they still get restless or bored, remember that ball washers and club scrubbers can be just as fun for kids as the game of golf is for you.

Once you and your kids make it to the course, remember to make it fun. Your children don’t need to follow every rule such as teeing off every time, and they certainly won’t be able to get remotely close to making par, so there’s no need to count strokes. Find a balance between properly teaching your children the game and letting them enjoy it.

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