Solving The Pocket Dilemma For Women Golfers

In the earliest days of the sport, golfers didn’t have to concern themselves with the most convenient method for golf tee transportation and access. These early golfers reduced resistance caused by ground materials and grass by balancing their golf balls atop small piles of sand rather than on tees. Modern peg tees have become more and more popular since the early 1920s, and one of the most common methods of carrying one’s tees has remained simply putting them into a pant pocket. For male golfers, carrying tees in their pockets may not be particularly uncomfortable, but for female golfers, it is simply impractical.

Female clothing is typically constructed with less “wiggle room” than male clothing, and this is especially true when it comes to pants. Certain flat items such as wallets or a pack of gum can typically fit into a female pant pocket, but long, pointed golf tees tend can poke holes in pocket linings and cause significant discomfort. If your golf apparel barely leaves you with enough room to keep a pack of gum in your pocket let alone a handful of golf tees, or if your favorite golf pants only have those annoying false pockets, then consider giving the CaddyCap® golf tee holder a try. Our patented golf bag accessory comes in a variety of designs, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience.

With our popular product, your tees will always be in the same convenient, organized location. You can simply slide the cap up, remove a tee, and then slide it back down, all without ever having to store pointed tees in your pockets. Browse our collection of golf tee holder designs to find the perfect CaddyCap design for you, and remember us next time you need ideas for unique golf gifts for your friends or loved ones. We have a tee holder design for every golfer.